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Travels of an Ethnomusicologist in West Africa

“Read this book if you love music, culture or travel.  Read this book to find out what God is doing in Africa through music and missions.  Read this book if you enjoy adventures and their inevitable unpredictability.  Read this book if you want to know what an ethnomusicologist really does for a living.”

Rob vividly recounts eight varied and challenging journeys he made to different locations in Togo and Benin (West Africa) in his role as an ethnomusicologist.  With fascinating cultural observations, intriguing musical traditions, amazing scenery, frequent setbacks, and plenty of humour to keep you entertained from start to finish!

“You might not think this is your kind of book but read it anyway. I felt I'd explored through far more than geographical locations and ended the journey informed, entertained and most importantly, able to explain the word 'ethnomusicologist'.”  - Annie Caulfield

BIND:   Paperback 232 pages

AUTHOR:   Rob Baker

ISBN:   978-1-62020-037-7

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rob Baker is originally from the UK, where he grew up as a Baptist minister’s son and initially became a school teacher. Later on, he trained as an ethnomusicologist with the Summer Institute of Linguistics and spent eight years living and working in West Africa. He has led workshops and taught about music and the arts in seven different countries in Africa, Europe and Asia. In Benin, he also carried out extensive research into the appropriation of voodoo song styles for Christian worship, and wrote a thesis on the subject. In his home culture, he regularly leads worship from the piano, and has composed a few dozen of his own songs. He has also been blogging since 2005 on .

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