A Time to Laugh

A Collection of Amusing Short Stories

This book is a collection of amusing short stories. It is an ideal book to give to a friend who is in need of being cheered up. Wet beds, toilet paper rationing, being held up by armed soldiers – these are not the incidents that readily come to mind when you think about people engaged in Christian ministry in the UK. However, such “horror stories” are related by Irene White with such wit and humour, that you find yourself crying with laughter as she recounts these and other equally bizarre incidents. Interwoven with these stories are narratives of motherhood – being the mother of three closely aged children also led to strange tales of the unexpected especially when the eldest cooks his brother sausages that have been marinated in cow manure; the daughter complains that her brothers are using her as a tug-of-war rope; and the youngest . . . well, you will have to read about his antics in this not-to-be-put-down book.

BIND Paperback 126 pages
AUTHOR Irene White
ISBN 978 1 935507-63-5

Irene is married to Dr Monty White and together they have established their own ministry, Biblical Foundations. Irene occupies much of her time in arranging meetings for her husband and accompanying him on ministry. She also speaks at meetings in her own right and often gives her testimony when on ministry with her husband. Irene became a Christian when she was 15 just after she met Monty and since then their lives have been inextricably intertwined. Irene has had numerous articles published in Christian magazines, but A Time to Laugh is her first book. Her hobbies include fossil hunting, genealogy and cross stitch embroidery. Irene and her husband live in South Wales and are members of Free School Court Evangelical Church in Bridgend where Irene often leads the Ladies Bible Study. They have been blessed with three children, Simon, Rebekah and Jonathan, and one grandchild, Jamie, all of whom feature in this book.

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