Chaplains of the Bible

Inspiration for Those Who Help Others in Crisis

This book is for all who have the desire and opportunity to help others in many different settings, from major disasters to the places of quiet crisis where there is no yellow tape to be found. Chaplains of the Bible inspires and equips through unique presentations of the experiences of Biblical chaplains, followed by “thoughts for the chaplain” that present relevant principles for application by the “Good Samaritans” of the current era.
The book is not only for chaplains, but also for others who have the heart to help people in crisis. It is for church leaders who see the need for ministry outside the walls of the church, and for Bible study leaders. Disaster relief organizations and other groups whose mission is to minister to the distressed will find this book to be a valuable resource.

BIND: Paperback  pages

AUTHORS: Richard and Patricia Geyer

ISBN: 978-1-62020-029-2

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Ordained by the International Fellowship of Chaplains, Dick and Pat Geyer live in Carroll County Maryland. Pat serves with Billy Graham Evangelical Association’s Rapid Response Team and has served as a chaplain at a number of disaster sites across the U.S. and in Haiti. Pat is the Crisis Intervention Specialist for the Carroll County Maryland Sheriff’s Office, and received the National Sheriffs’ Association Medal of Merit in 2012. Dick is a writer, teacher, attorney, former government executive and a retired military officer in addition to being a chaplain.

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