Christ Victorious

365 New Testament Devotional Readings

Christianity is under attack and these devotional readings provide welcome invigoration. No concessions are made to atheism, false religions or nominal Christianity. The readings tell the story of Christ's victory from the Bible. Referring to the Gospels they trace the victory of Christ from his incarnation to his present exaltation. From The Acts of the Apostles they show Christ's continued victory through Christian witness. From Paul'sEpistle to the Romans the readings demonstrate the Gospel as the power of God to salvation. Finally the global victory of Christ developing through the centuries, now, and to the end of time is explained by reference to the prophecies of Revelation. The book is full of challenge and encouragement and will enable readers to enjoy their Bibles with understanding. The book will interest general readers and those in positions of responsibility in the church.

Pages - paperback 700 pages

Author - Roy Mohon

ISBN - 978-1-62020-144-2

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A Presbyterian minister, has many years of pastoral and preaching experience including open-air ministry. This book, consequently, has a practical flavour.

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