Diamonds in my Pockets

My life is not what I thought it would be. When I was younger, I imagined myself going to university and travelling the world. I did not imagine years of being confined indoors, too ill to go outside. Diamonds in my Pockets is the story of those unexpected years and the unexpected joy I found in them. It is the story of the living God who walks with us. He works miracles, not just the dramatic kind that instantly lift problems away, but quiet miracles too, bringing us through difficult days, giving His strength to endure when our strength is gone. He restores hope when life doesn’t turn out as we
had planned. He reveals beautiful truths in the darkness we would never have chosen.

Bind - Paperback

Author - Julie Hewitt

ISBN - 9781620201428

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Julie Hewitt lives in Lurgan, Northern Ireland with her family: Dad, Mum, two sisters, one brother, three nieces and four nephews. In 1996, at age eighteen, she was diagnosed with M.E. Although physically limited and confined at home, she travels the world on the wings of prayer and creates a monthly missions newsletter for her church family in Emmanuel Church, Lurgan. Her interests include reading, foreign languages, and sewing. She dreams of standing under Russian skies.

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