When I came across this new word, well new for me, I knew I had to use it as part of this story. I love it so much. The word is “meraki” [may-rah-kee].

It’s a Greek word, derived from the Turkish “Merak”, for which there is no direct English translation. It is used to describe “doing something with soul, creativity, or love”, no matter how difficult the task!

It should be of no surprise that I immediately thought of my journey with soul food. I always had a dream to write a book. I love stories; reading them, listening to them, learning from them and sharing them. As important as it is to feed our bodies it is vital that we feed our soul. It’s the appetite of our soul that craves more when we feed it.

This book is a collection of some vital ingredients ‘peppered’ into my own spiritual relationship with God that I hope will help you as you seek to live out your journey. My personal journey may be different than yours but if I can succeed in achieving my dream, then you can too! It gives me no greater satisfaction knowing there is a six letter word (Meraki) that sums up my passion and emotion and conveys love, care and appreciation as you choose to read this book.

BIND: Paperback 172 pages

ISBN: 9781620208922

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sara is married to Gavin and mother of three boys Jacob, Matthew and Thomas. With a keen interest in writing, this is her first book in the subject of spiritual food for the soul. She is an active walker, an occasional runner with a heart for people and a passion for good coffee.

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