Time to Grow

The arena of life is full of circumstances and an adversary that is determined to see you live defeated because of who you are to Christ. Too many Christians today are living in defeat and that should not be the case. Jesus purchased our victory at Calvary, but whether or not we ever walk in the reality of that victory is very much up to us.

God has done His part, but we must do ours. The responsibility of our spiritual growth lies with each individual and this book seeks to motivate the individual to be all that God has called them to be. Growing can be painful but it’s a spiritual necessity. Are you prepared to go to the next level with God? Are you going to step up to the plate? Then no longer be content to survive, it’s your time to thrive.

It’s “Time to Grow!”

ISBN: 978-1-62020791-8

Bind: Paperback 222 Pages

Author: Des King

Price: £11.99

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Des King is a Travelling Preacher and Writer. He ministers on the believer’s position in Christ, who we are in Him and the victory and blessings that belong to us as a result of Christ’s, death, burial and resurrection. He attends both the Living Rock Church in Killarney and the Open Door Christian Fellowship in Dublin, Ireland.

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Price: £11.99

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