Four Golden Keys

Unlocking the Key Verses in the Gospels

The Holy Spirit of God has seen fit to bequeath us four written accounts of the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. He did this through His servants Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - men who were divinely prepared for a divinely prepared task. Apart from these four Gospels, our historical knowledge of the life, death and resurrection of the Son of God would be negligible. These four Gospels thus repay our careful and prayerful reading and re-reading like no other literature.
Interestingly, each Gospel writer has his own particular stress and perspective on the same Person of Christ. If four artists were to paint your portrait, it would be the same ‘you’ portrayed on each of the four canvases. Yet each painting, paradoxically, would be different, as each painter would have a different perspective and style. Likewise with the four Gospels. The same Christ is portrayed by all four writers, yet each one has his own particular slant:-
This book will help to unlock the key verses in the Gospels and help you to better understand the great truths obtained in the Bible.

BIND Paperback 54 pages
AUTHOR Timothy Cross
ISBN 978 1935507 550

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