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An Indian-American Oncologist Discovers Faith’s Power From A Patient

This book is the story of Anne Sanford, who was my childhood sweetheart and beloved wife of 37 years. In the providence of God, she was called to suffer with an aggressive form of leukemia. Upon Anne’s diagnosis, her greatest desire was to be a faithful witness to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Anne’s witness has continued long after her death as is evident by the content of this book.
—Dr. Shelton P. Sanford
Senior Pastor Westminister Presbyterian Church
Rock Hill, South Carolina

“In his inspiring book, From Raindrops to An Ocean, Dr. Kashyap Patel tells the story of Anne Sanford, a woman whose deeply held spiritual beliefs and practices sustained and delivered her through a challenging ordeal with leukemia that ended in her death. Because of its focus on the core human experiences of mortality, impermanence, and questions about meaning and purpose, this book will speak to a variety of readers facing serious challenges in their lives, including those not facing lifethreatening illness. Dr. Patel’s account of Anne Sanford’s story should also appeal to spiritual seekers regardless of faith tradition. ”
—Dr. Jeffrey Brantley
Interim Executive Director of Duke Integrative Medicine

BIND - Paperback 152 pages

AUTHOR - Kashyap Patel

ISBN: 9781935507833

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Kashyap Patel, MD is a nationally renowned oncologist and Secretary-Treasurer for the South Carolina Oncology Society. He has served as chairman of several cancer committees in South Carolina hospitals. Despite having had a number of patients who fought cancer with grace and bravery, in Anne Sanford he found such a remarkable spirit that it affected his own outlook on medicine and on his religious views. He found her story so touching that with the blessing of Anne’s family, he decided to share it with the entire world so that all could feel the wonder Anne inspired in those around her.

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