George Beverly Shea

Tell Me the Story

The white hair. Those horn-rimmed glasses. And that voice—that unmistakable bass-baritone voice. George Bever ly Shea has witnessed to more than 220 million people, in over 185 countries around the
world, making him one of the most well-known gospel singers of all time. His decades-long partnership with Billy Graham took him to stages in every state and on every continent, but that doesn’t mean Bev Shea should be labeled as a performer or an enter tainer. No, he was God’s instr ument for bringing the hope of the gospel around the world.
George Beverly Shea: Tell Me the Story is a detailed and fascinating look into the life and music of the man often called “America’s Beloved Gospel Singer,” an ordinary insurance worker God used to spread the gospel to every continent.

BIND: Paperback 360 Pages

Author: Paul Davis

ISBN: 978-1-932307-29-0

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Davis knew George Beverly Shea as a musician and a friend. Serving as the Executive Producer on several Shea albums, Davis shared a passion for music and for spreading the message of God’s love. For George Beverly Shea: Tell Me the Story, Davis spent countless hours investigating Bev’s life, friends, and recordings to reveal his story with depth and detail never seen before.

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