God Smiles for Me

Why death could not hold me

They said I would die.
They were right.
They said I was finished. They were wrong. God, in His wisdom, had another plan and I had a promise to fulfill. God Smiles For Me is a story of hope, promise and commitment, the power of prayer, and the healing
grace of God. It is a Christian how-to book; a story of life, death, and life after death; of miracles and a heavenly journey; of loss, frustration, pain, survival, recovery and personal growth. But most of all it is a story of love; of God, family, community, and a wonderful journey called life.

BIND - Paperback 167 pages

AUTHOR - Raymond L. Burroughs

ISBN - 978-1-935507-09-3

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Raymond and his wife Pat live in Lake Jackson, Texas. Raymond can be contacted through THE GOD SMILES NETWORK. www.godsmilesnetwork.org

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