In the Pink

Support for those suffering from cancer

When the diagnosis of cancer is articulated it shatters peace of mind; it is hard to know where to turn.  The diagnosis ripples through family and loved ones, who become equally distressed.  Here in the pages of this little book are quiet and gentle readings which guide the sufferer, friends and families through the investigations, surgery and therapy to health, all the time drawing the reader into the reality of the peace and security of God’s presence.  Here you will find guidance and encouragement for the journey.

This is not about spiritual retreat in the midst of life threatening disease.  It is about the reality of how God speaks and offers ways to discover how He can turn the chaos of fear into something of value.

These accessible thoughts and meditations convey the awesomeness of God’s creation, and His care for His creatures in a way which enfolds the reader in His love without denying the reality of their situation, but giving strength for the day and sure hope to anchor the soul on Jesus our Saviour.

These pages will help bring the reality of God’s presence into cancer, leading all those involved to solace and peace.

Page Count:   Paperback 178 pages


ISBN:   978-1-62020-125-1

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