Loved and Restored

Naomi is the central character in the book of Ruth, but few books focus on her and retell her story from start to finish. This book is different.

Her husband died, then her two sons. She is in shock. What she endures after that is worse than anyone can imagine. But can she recover and experience restoration?

A kind and loving mother-in-law, she inspired great loyalty in her two daughters-in-law, both of whom she cared for, yet were not from Naomi’s birth land of Israel.

If we miss Naomi’s part in this remarkable account, then we overlook something of immense importance, for she played a major role in bringing about one of the greatest and most unlikely love stories of all time - the union between an Israelite called Boaz and a Moabitess named Ruth. A must-read for anyone who has suffered significant loss and desires to recover all.

ISBN - 978-1-62020-895-3

Bind - Paperback 246 pages

Author - John McCreedy


About the Author

After some years as a journalist and broadcaster in Northern Ireland, John McCreedy moved to Romania as a missionary where he spent almost a decade. A Communications and Media Director in Belfast, he is also author of the books ‘The Seer’s House’, ‘Miracle Dog Miracle God’, and ‘Left to Die but Loved by God’.

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