Marriage Triage

A Guide to Healing for the Hurting Spouse

Triage (tree-ahzh): the assignment of degrees of urgency to decide the order of treatment of people injured in a battle or disaster.
Marriage Triage tends to the wounded Christian whose marriage is in crisis. When the biblical model of what a Christian marriage is meant to be has been broken. Marriage Triage will encourage the hurting spouse to make biblical choices when tempted to give in to emotional decisions.
Pain, hurt, and betrayal can bring out the very worst in our decision-making processes. While other marriage relationship titles are designed to help marriages improve, Marriage Triage is geared to help a spouse emotionally and spiritually survive.

BIND - Paperback 208 pages

AUTHOR - Stephen Goode

ISBN - 978-1-62020-018-6

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Stephen Goode is the Pastor of Biblical Counseling and Senior Adult Ministries at Northside Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a graduate of Trinity Bible College and Theological Seminary with a B.A. in biblical counseling. Steve hosts The Biblical Counseling Moment aired on the radio and iTunes podcast as well as the weekly Blogtalk Radio show online. He has been married to April Durham Goode since 1994, and they have two children. Stephen’s burden and passion is to lead married couples and individuals into a deeper walk with Jesus Christ.

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