Moments of Reflection

The book - Moments of Reflection – is a collection of poems, full of depth and richness, which could never be written by anyone in their youth. Only a life lived with, and for God, can produce such a myriad of rich milestones as Hugh Sloan has evidently achieved.

The poems will touch your heartstrings, stretch your imagination, make you laugh and even cry. That’s because the author wrote them from his heart – a heart filled with love for God and His people.

It is a book to carry with you and open, not just at your leisure, but during your own time of need. This beautiful set of poems will restore your soul. It will allow you to lie down in green pastures and then lead you into the paths of righteousness.

About the Author.
Raised in East Belfast and brought by his parents to the Holywood Road Presbyterian Church, Hugh didn’t fully understand the things of God at that time, but later on, in 1966, he made what he describes as the “most important decision of my life” – the decision to follow Jesus Christ.
For the next 25 years, Hugh was superintendent of the Sunday school at the Glenmachan Church of God, a place where he served for over 40 years.  A missionary to the South of Ireland, in both Waterford and Cork, for over a five-year period, he has two daughters Vanesa and Cathy and one son – John.

ISBN: 978-1-62020-646-1
Pages: 162

Format: paperback

Price: £ 8.99

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Price: £8.99

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