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How Ali Watson fought cancer with faith, family and friends

This book begins when a young couple meet, fall in love and are married. They start a family, having two lovely little sons, Mark and Euan. Paul and Alison (Ali) Watson were very happy with life at home at work and in church. All seemed to be set for a long life of shared love and joy. That’s not how it was to turn out, though.They were less than five years into married life when Ali’s mum was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. Six months later Ali was to learn that she had it too. She had treatment, thought she was cured and the family went on holiday. It was a blissful time. The load had been lifted. The sky was clear. The future looked bright... Then the cancer came back, more aggressively than before.
This is a gripping story from start to finish. It includes interesting details of world travel, amusing incidents from family life and a gradual, painful ‘coming to terms’ with a devastating realisation for a young couple. Yet from Paul and Ali – just two- through to Paul Ali, Mark and Euan – all four – and back again to Team Watson – only three – this is a tremendous record of an underlying faith in God. It will strengthen the faint-hearted, melt the soft-hearted and move even the hard-hearted.

BIND Paperback 144 pages
AUTHOR Noel Davidson
ISBN 978 1935507 420

The author who undertook to write this touching account of a ‘life in the fire’ as Ali described it in her journal was Dr. Noel Davidson. It was only after having experienced, albeit at a merely peripheral level, the trauma of some of the treatment Ali was called upon to endure, in the Hospital where she was treated, that he felt qualified to untie the maroon ribbons on her journal, easily identify with the contrasting mind-sets of anguish and acceptance and translate it all into a book which ‘is hard to leave down.’ Noel found it an uplifting experience to work with Paul on this project. They laughed together, cried together and prayed together. The author was carried along on the wave of the young widower’s enthusiasm and it is their, as it would have been Ali’s, desire that this book they have produced should bring glory to God and cause all who read it to examine the level, or existence, of their faith in Him.

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