Painting the Town Red

How Sammy Graham met God

“I feel like a new man,”is an expression we often hear.
The rejuvenation of the person concerned is often attributed to any one of a variety of physical factors, from feeling fitter by going more to the gym to losing weight by going less to the biscuit tin. When Sammy Graham became a new man, though, it was for a different reason, and caused some sensation.
The tearaway who as a youth had literally painted the town red, changed. Incredible! The young rebel who was once the plague of the district police force submitting to authority. You must be joking! The ardent activist who had helped form the local branch of the UDA going to church every Sunday. Unbelievable!
It sounded impossible but it was true.
The man who was for years the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons had become a new man through faith in Christ. Sammy’s intriguing life story didn’t end there, either. That is really only where it began. This updated edition contains stories about a wedding in Russia, a dedication in America, the vision of the Band of Brothers, lives transformed and joy restored through the power of God, and Daniel, the first of a new generation in the Graham family.

BIND Paperback 224 pages
AUTHOR Noel Davidson
ISBN 978-1-62020-012-4

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Noel Davidson is a retired headmaster who has written 29 books, mainly Christian biographies, over the past two decades. PAINTING THE TOWN RED is one of a number of best-selling books by this Northern Ireland author and is reprinted by popular demand.

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