Rainbows End

My Spiritual Pot of Gold

Pouring my heart out on paper for the whole world to read is not something I would ever choose. It threatens to expose the very depths of me; it allows unknown people to trample into areas even I don’t always want to go.
When the Lord gave me the title ‘Rainbow’s End’ for the book I knew he was referring to the old Irish Legend that says if you can connect to the end of a rainbow and dig in the ground you will find the leprechaun’s pot of gold. ‘Rainbow’s End’ was to be my spiritual pot of Gold.
The things God has taught me over the years in all I’ve come through. This amazing God that I serve has transformed my flawed damaged heart and life into something beautiful and new.
This is His story and mine.

BIND Paperback 246 pages
AUTHOR Norah Bradford
ISBN 978 1935507 536

Now, almost 30 years after the killing of her husband, Mrs Bradford has been “moved by God” to write ‘Rainbow’s End’, a book which tells of her own unusual life – which started off as a daughter of a Methodist minister, moved through a rather idyllic childhood to teenage years where she committed as a Christian, and then a career in nursing which she managed to combine with the role of the dutiful wife of a Methodist minister and a Member of Parliament, plus bringing up a daughter.

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