Reckless Abandon

A modern-day Gospel pioneer’s exploits among the most difficult to reach peoples.

Here is a remarkable story that I can relate to well--at age nineteen, a man exchanges his comfortable life for the danger and uncertainty of bringing the gospel of Christ to the often-hostile tribes of Papua New Guinea. In Reckless Abandon, join in David Sitton’s amazing adventures and discover his passion for introducing Jesus to the world.
—Bruce Olson
Career Missionary (45+ years)
Author of Bruchko

I first heard of David Sitton when he spoke at John Piper’s pastor’s conference in 2006. I thought, “Wow, this guy is intense”, which is saying something when you’re at a Piper’s conference… From what I’ve already read and know about David, it will be quite a story.
—Kevin DeYoung,
Author, Pastor

BIND - Paperback 208 pages

AUTHOR - David Sitton

ISBN: 9781935507444

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - David Sitton was barely a man when he left surfing and partying to live in Papua New Guinea, a faraway, perilous land. Leaving Texas with a Bible, a suitcase (and a surfboard), he took the gospel into cannibalistic areas to people who had never heard the name of Jesus. For thirty-four years God has used him to help train missionaries, spread the gospel and establish dozens of churches in remote regions. Through this book, experience the amazing things God did as David recklessly abandoned his will to the will of God.

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