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Through Trauma and Tragedy to Ultimate Triumph

“All these things are against me.” So said Jacob, in the Bible, thousands of years ago.

We all experience those kinds of moments, when we think we just can’t possibly go on. If things are tough with you, consider this scenario...

A young couple are expecting their first baby. He is born handicapped. That same couple are expecting their third baby, and he, too, is born handicapped.

Then their oldest son, dies, aged six. Nine days later their third son dies, aged three. And what happened as a result?

The young parents had stirring spiritual experiences, they established a business, and the first edition of this book was published in 1995. It was widely read and wonderfully blessed in the lives of hundreds.

Now, this 2012 edition recounts the ups and downs of the Arnold family in the last 17 years. It contains an account of difficult decisions, testing situations, emotional meetings, touching testimonies, two surviving sons, and a beautiful wedding.

Above all, this book illustrates how God, who loves His children, can both challenge and comfort them in every circumstance of life, however dramatic or traumatic.

The sole aim of the once grief-stricken parents in having the first book written was to ‘give praise and glory to God.’

It did that. This update does as well.

BIND - Paperback 246 pages

AUTHOR - Noel Davidson

ISBN - 978-1-62020-124-4

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Dr. Noel Davidson is a retired headmaster who has written 29 books, mainly Christian biographies, over the past two decades. SOME PARTY IN HEAVEN is the third of a number of best-selling books by this Northern Ireland author to be republished by popular demand.

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