The Painted Table

Honoring Mother—by not becoming her

Saffee Quimbly has always sensed her “normal” Quimbly household was far from normal. A television? No need. Having friends over? A mistake not to be repeated. Unreasonable expectations and criticism? Painfully expected. And all part of “normal.” But her mother’s unpredictable spells of arguing with imaginary tormentors, a Norwegian heirloom table subjected to countless layers of paint during such fits, and her father’s refusal to seek help for his unstable wife—these too are “normal.” Saffee meets the wide-open world with these secrets stowed away, and she plans to keep things that way. Jack, a blind date gone right, helps Saffee gain victory over the past, and connect to spiritual moorings.

The Painted Table encourages readers to look for the gifts their troubled loved ones have left behind. Suzanne Field is authentic and vulnerable, and radiates a warm connection with God in a novel that fictionalizes events from her own life. This book is therapeutic help for those who come from dysfunctional families.
—Jim Conway, Ph.D., Founder of Mid-Life Dimensions, President of LateLife Hope and author of 15 books.

BIND - Paperback 286 pages

AUTHOR - Suzanne Field

ISBN: 978-1-935507-69-7

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Suzanne Field is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. She has taught English as a Second Language in China, Ukraine, and Hawaii. She is the mother of five children and lives with her husband in the Kansas City area and Hawaii. This is her first novel.

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