The Shamrock and Peach

Northern Ireland meets the American South in Judith McLoughlin’s new cookbook, The Shamrock and Peach: A Culinary Journey from the North of Ireland to the American South. Recipes combine fresh produce of the South with age-old Irish techniques to create a new fusion that melds the best of both worlds: Georgia pecans in a traditionally Irish trout dish; peaches with an Ulster favorite, rhubarb; or whiskey flavors with Georgia-grown chicken.

Judith already shares her fusion regularly through cooking classes and demonstrations in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She also exclusively imports and sells some of her favorite Irish products through her business, The Ulster Kitchen.
Judith, a native of County Armagh, says her romance with hospitality and food began around the County Down dinner table of her grandmother. It was a time when the dinner table was the heart of a home, the life of the family. She still maintains a passion for farm-fresh, natural food, a love sparked in Ulster where the roaming hormone-free livestock eat lush green grass, fed by the rain-soaked Irish climate. She’s lived in Georgia for more than a decade, an area just as agriculturally rich as her homeland.

Pages: 192
Price: £18.99
ISBN: 9781935507802

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Judith McLoughlin is an Irish cook with a passion for good food and the art of great hospitality. Coming from County Armagh in Northern Ireland she learned the techniques of the Scots-Irish culinary tradition from generations of family experience in the Irish hospitality business before deciding on a move to the United States with her husband. Judith runs her own gourmet food business in Atlanta called ‘The Ulster Kitchen’, which specializes in Scots-Irish cuisine, and has created her own unique food fusion by blending the techniques of her homeland with the new found flavors of the South to great acclaim. Judith teaches Scots-Irish cooking at many venues, has made numerous television and media appearances and is busy throughout the year cooking and catering in Atlanta and beyond. For more information of Judith’s schedule visit:

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Price: £18.99

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