When The Will of God Is A Bitter Cup

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Healing for the Brokenhearted

Eventually everyone is touched by heartache and most of us have had a bitter cup experience. In this book Dr. Don Woodard shares hope from the Bible with strength for the wounded spirit and encouragement for the brokenhearted.

Don Woodard has written a book that addresses the problems of life and their Biblical solutions. I recommend it highly as a manual on maturity. He has the insights of a time tested man of God.
— Dr. Charles Keen, Minister of Munitions, First Bible International

When The Will of God Is A Bitter Cup is a book of reality my wife and I experienced a few years ago. Our youngest daughter was taken home with Christ in a way that only pointed to God’s plan. Dr. Woodard has successfully addressed these kinds of calamities. May you find the peace of God in the aftermath of calamity! We believe this book can help you on that path of reconciliation.
— Pastor and Mrs. Norman (Dorothy) Burdick, Mayville, NY

I was born with Cerebral Palsy and Brother Woodard is a special friend. When The Will of God Is A Bitter Cup was a blessing to me. To read of people that God used in spite of their difficulties is an encouragement to anyone with challenges in their life.
— Jonathan Dunbar

BIND - Paperback 102 pages

AUTHOR - Donald Noel Woodard Sr.

ISBN: 978-1-935507-07-9

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - In 1993 Dr. Woodard felt led of the Lord to start CandleStick Revival Ministries. Woodard has appeared on television and radio to discuss teen suicide, teen violence, drug and alcohol addiction and family problems in America. He also travels the country conducting Teen Crusades and meetings. He and and his wife Debbie live in Troutville, Virginia. He is the pastor of Beacon Baptist Church in Salem, VA.

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