Fire on the Mountain

The True Story of the Darkley Church

The true story of Mountain Lodge Pentecostal Church, scene of the ‘Darkley Massacre” and two fires, demonstrates that, in spite of trials and hardships, God’s love prevails.

“For a moment, we all thought someone was throwing pebbles against the outside of the window panes, on that wintry November 1983 evening. It sounded just like the rattle of small stones on a tin roof. After all, very few of us had ever heard the sound of gun fire before. Falling to the floor for cover, we realised all too quickly what was taking place – somehow our church had become the latest target in the Northern Ireland ‘troubles’. After what seemed an eternity, the sound of the gun fire ceased. Several of the congregation were injured. Three were dead...”

“Hell has thrown everything it’s got at this church, yet it stands as a beacon of light. Great faith-building reading.” - Bob Gass, Author of ‘The Word for Today’.

BIND: Paperback 320 pages

AUTHOR: Pastor David Bell

ISBN: 9781620201411

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pastor David Bell has served as a Minister of Mountain Lodge Pentecostal Church since 1990, succeeding Pastor Bob Bain as senior Minister in 1994. However, his involvement with the church dates back to 1975, when as a young Christian, the Lord called him into fellowship amongst the people who have since become his Church family.

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