Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines for Prospective Authors

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Ambassador Books and Media.The following details will help you organize your work for submission.

Ambassador Books and Media needs three items from you:

I. Contact Information
II. Prospectus
III. Curriculum vitae

i. Contact Information

Name Address Email Phone Number(s)

ii. Prospectus

The prospectus is an introduction to your work and should discuss several specific features. Please be as detailed as possible.

A. Book Overview

1. Summarize the content of your book, its theme, its purpose, and its development.
2. Include an approximate word count or length of the book.
3. Indicate whether the book will include drawings, photographs, summaries, bibliographies, appendices, etc.
4. Indicate your target completion date.

B. Audience

1.Who is your target audience for the book?
2.What other books of a similar nature have been written for this audience?

C.Table of Contents

The Table of Contents should be as detailed as possible.

D. Reviewers

Indicate whether you have any reviewers of your work who are willing to provide an endorsement. (You do not have to have endorsements to submit a manuscript.)

E. Sample chapters

Include two sample chapters

iii. Curriculum Vitae

List your educational and work experiences. Provide a comprehensive list of previous works you have published, either articles or books. (If you are a first time author, that should not intimidate you from submitting your manuscript.)

Publishing Standards

Ambassador Books and Media is a Christian publishing company dedicated to producing theological, devotional, biographical, and inspirational literature.We do not publish literature that denies the cardinal truths of Christianity. Ambassador Books and Media will not accept works for publication that deny biblical inerrancy, the creation and fall of man, the Trinity, the deity and virgin birth of Christ, Christ’s substitutionary atonement, Christ‘s bodily resurrection, justification of the sinner by faith alone, the personal return of Christ, and biblical miracles.

Ambassador Books and Media will assess your work in terms of its adherence to the Bible, its marketability, and its literary merit.

Upon acceptance of your proposal, Ambassador Books and Media will discuss a royalty structure with you along with a completed manuscript delivery date. A signed contract between Ambassador Books and Media and the author constitutes a binding agreement for publishing the work according to the contractual specifications.

Ambassador Books and Media will receive submissions either electronically or by mail. (Please provide return postage if you wish to receive your manuscript back if Ambassador Books and Media is unable to publish your work.)

Send all electronic submissions to

In the US, mail manuscript submissions to: Ambassador International
Attn: Manuscript Reviews
427 Wade Hampton Blvd. Greenville,SC 29609

In the UK, mail manuscript submissions to: Ambassador Books and Media
Attn: Manuscript Reviews
The Mount, 2 Woodstock Link Belfast, BT6 8DD Northern Ireland , UK

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